Featured Bird Photograph: July 2009: American King Vulture

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Like other vultures, the king vulture is a scavenger that glides on air currents, conserving energy while searching the forests or savanna below for the corpses of dead animals. They are an important factor in the prevention of disease by disposing of rotting remains. The King Vulture is the only true rainforest vulture and it was threatened by extinction due to hunting and deforestation. King vultures have a very colorful look that distinguishes them from other vultures. They are predominately white, with black tails and wing tips. They have multicolored (yellow, orange, and red) heads and necks. At an approximate length of 67.5-80 cm and weight of 2.7-4.5 kg (6-10 lb.), they are one of the largest vultures.

King Vulture

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Photographer: Keven Law: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/


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