Fan-tailed Gerygones

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The Fan-tailed Gerygones (Gerygone flavolateralis) are also known as Fantail Gerygones, Fantail Warblers, Fan-tailed Fairy-Warblers, Fan-tailed Flyeaters, Fan-tailed Gerygones and Yellow-sided Warblers.

They occur naturally on the islands of New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.


Identified Subspecies and Ranges

  • Gerygone flavolateralis flavolateralis (G. R.Gray, 1859)
    • New Caledonia and southern Loyalty Islands, specifically Maré Island)

  • Gerygone flavolateralis citrina (Mayr, 1931)
    • Rennell Island (also known as Mungava) - located in southeastern Solomon Islands

  • Gerygone flavolateralis correiae (Mayr, 1931)
    • Banks Islands (in Bislama Bankis) in northern Vanuatu

  • Gerygone flavolateralis rouxi (F. Sarasin, 1913)
    • Ouvéa Island - northern Loyalty Islands in the archipelago of New Caledonia

  • Gerygone flavolateralis lifuensis (F. Sarasin, 1913)
    • Lifou Island, in central Loyalty Islands

Alternate (Global) Names)

Chinese: ????? ... Czech: st?ízlíkovec novokaledonský, Strízlíkovec vlajkový ... Danish: Viftehaletræsanger ... Dutch: Vanuatumangrovezanger, Vanuatu-mangrovezanger ... Finnish: Uudenkaledonianmaluri ... French: Fauvette à ventre jaune, Gérygone à queue en éventail, Gérygone mélanésienne ... German: Fächerschwanzgerygone, Fächerschwanz-Gerygone ... Italian: Gerigone coda a ventaglio, Gerigone codaventaglio ... Japanese: karedoniasennyomushikui ... Norwegian: Gulflankegerygone ... Polish: krzakówka wachlarzowata ... Russian: ??????????????? ???????? ... Slovak: trúchlohlások vejárovitý ... Spanish: Gerigón Melanesio, Ratona Hada Cola de Abanico ... Swedish: Gulflankad gerygone


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