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OvaScope egg scopeOvaView and OvaScope Egg Candlers

... allow you to watch the live embryo develop inside the egg ...

NEW: The OvaScope HIGH INTENSITY Egg Candler - For Highest Possible Visibility of the Growing Embryo inside the Egg

WATCH THE MOVIE of a cockatiel embryo developing inside the egg!

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Infertile or "dead-in-shell" eggs need to be removed as soon as possible, as keeping them with viable eggs can inhibit their development and potentially kill them due to bacterial growth inside spoiling eggs. The below candlers allow you to check on the eggs' development. You can see "live embryo" inside the eggs, as they develop.

Movies of Chick Development Inside the Egg

OvaScope Egg CandlerOvaView and OvaScope Egg Candlers

Now with the OvaScope you can watch the live embryo develop inside the egg.

The innovative EggScope allows the egg and embryo to be examined in more detail than has been possible before.

The light source is an LED which has the advantage of being very bright whilst remaining cool so prolonged observation of eggs (even small eggs) is not harmful to the embryos.

Compared with handheld candlers, the clarity and visibility of the egg and its contents is also improved by completely blocking out ambient light and slightly magnifying the image, as well as allowing the viewer to rotate the egg smoothly as it is observed.

Any webcam can be hooked up to the viewing piece making it ideal for classroom use.

These battery-powered egg candlers can accommodate any size up to goose-sized egg.

OvaScope egg scope connected to webcamThe OvaScope Egg Candlers are Now Available with Two Options:

Standard For White-shelled Eggs

High Intensity suitable even for Very Dark / Thick-shelled / Mottled Eggs

The OvaScope High Intensity has a higher light output from a higher spec LED than the Standard OvaScope.

Available over our Secure Online Store - or order over the phone: 1-888-354-4666

Images of a developing embryo and hatching chicks using the OvaScope Egg Scope:

Developing embryo - Day 10

Developing embryo - Day 15