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Below are images of the different duck species. You can learn about them, and see more photos, by clicking on the photos of birds you are interested in, as they are linked to the respective species page.

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African Pygmy GooseBaikai Teal Duck Barrow's Goldeneye Duck Male and Female Buffheadredbreasted merganserCanvas BackChestnut TealAfrican Comb DuckPuna Teal (Anas puna)Common EiderCommon Golden EyeCommon Merganser Ducks: Male and Female with DucklingsCommon ShelduckFemale Hooded MerganserChilöe Wigeon (Anas sibilatrix)Gadwell DucksGreen Pygmy Duck Green-winged TealHarlequin DuckHooded MergansersMale and Female King EiderLong-tailed DuckMallard DuckMandarin DuckManed DuckMuscovy DucksPintail DuckPochardRadjah ShelduckRed-crested MerganserRed-headed DuckRing-necked DuckRosy-billed DuckRuddy Shelduck SeaduckShelduckSmew Ducks Spot-billed DuckSteller Eider DucksStiff-tailed DuckSwan Goose - Female and MaleMale and Female Tufted DucksWhistling DucksWhite-faced Whistling DuckWhite-headed DuckWhite-winged Wood DuckWood DuckMagpie DuckScaly-sided Merganser (Mergus squamatus)African Black Duck, Anas sparsa, photographed at San Francisco Zoo

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