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Daurian Redstarts


Daurian Redstart

The Daurian Redstarts (Phoenicurus auroreus) are migratory birds that are fairly common in East Asia, ranging eastwards from Mongolia and the Himalayas. They favor open forests, forest edges, agricultural margins. They are also common in parks and urban gardens. They can become quite confiding.



Phoenicurus auroreus auroreus - Nominate Race - winters in Korea, Japan, southeast coastal China and Taiwan

Phoenicurus auroreus leucopterus - winters in northern India and parts of Southeast Asia.



Breeding males have a grey crown and nape with lighter forehead and crown-sides, a black face and chin, brownish mantle and wings and a large white wing patch; the chest, lower back and rump are orange, and the tail is black with orange sides. The bill, eye, legs and feet are black.

Juvenile males are similarly patterned but much duller and less clearly marked.

Females have a warm brown upper plumage and are paler below. They have an orange rump and tail sides and white wing patches.


Species Research by Sibylle Johnson


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