Crow Honeyeaters

Crow HoneyeaterThe Crow Honeyeaters, Gymnomyza aubryana, are endemic to New Caledonia; where they occur in humid forests on hills. They live alone or in pairs, and are rarely seen.

They occur throughout the island, however, mostly in the south.


The Crow Honeyeater is a very large honeyeater with orange facial wattles.

It resembles a crow with its glossy black plumage. It has long rounded wings and a long tail and neck.

Their beak is long; the lower beak is yellow and the upper beak is black.

Song / Vocalization

It makes a loud, ringing sound.

Diet / Feeding

It forages for invertebrates (= animals without internal skeleton, such as larvae, earthworms, millipedes, snails, spiders) and nectar in the canopy and midstorey.


The Crow Honeyeater is endangered due to predation of their eggs and young by introduced rats. They recent estimates suggest that there are only between 1,000 and 2,500 birds left.

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