Crimson-backed Tanagers

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Crimson-backed Tanager - Ramphocelus dimidiatus

The Crimson-backed Tanager (Ramphocelus dimidiatus) is one of the smaller members of the Tanager family.

Distribution / Range

It is found in Central and South America, specifically the countries of Colombia, Panama and Venezuela. It also occurs in the French Polynesia - a group of islands in the southern Pacific Ocean. They are usually seen in family groups and prefer lowland forests.


The males have a bright crimson back along with a white lower mandible (bill). The plumage of the females and juveniles are a rich brown.

Crimson-backed Tanager - Ramphocelus dimidiatus - Female

Crimson-backed Tanager - Ramphocelus dimidiatus - eating a little lizzard

Crimson-backed Tanager

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