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  • This website allows you to upload media (photos, video, audio, articles); however, registration is required (social-enabled) and all uploads are monitored before publication. Once members have a certain track record, they may in the future be granted the right to publish without having their content monitored.
  • All photos and audio content needs to be BIRD-RELATED. Anything else is considered spam and will be deleted and reported.  This is a family website and we will do our best to keep it clean and safe for all age groups.
  • We now also offer bird experts the ability to add and maintain their own articles on BeautyOfBirds. 

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  • WE DO NOT SELL BIRDS, nor do we adopt them out.

  • We do not have veterinarians nor medical personnel on staff, and nobody here is qualified to diagnose or treat a sick pet or bird. We do offer a lot of helpful resources - some of which are linked further down this page.

Due to a high e-mail volume, we cannot always respond to all communications - we will, however, try our best and get to most. Your understanding is appreciated. THANK YOU! 

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Helpful Avianweb Bird Health Resources:

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Our Staff at Linwood Animal Clinic provides professional and compassionate care for your beloved family members. Our doctors are experienced in treating many species of our avian friends.