Companion Birds: All You Need to Know about Bird Care

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Identifying and Obtaining the Right Bird for You:

Understanding Parrots: Why Parrots Do What They Do

Question: Our Parrot seems to do EXACTLY what he is NOT supposed to €¦ is he trying to wind us up?

Answer: No, he or she does what comes naturally, but there are things you can do ... What to expect from a new pet parrot and how to live peacefully with your pet

The Parrot's Bill of Rights ... So You Want a Parrot as Pet? ... Choosing The Right Bird for Your Lifestyle ... Sources for Procuring Birds ... New Bird in your House - Information on adopting a previously owned bird or bringing in a hand-fed chick. Advice on optimal set up and integration into your family ... New Bird Testing (Disease / Sexing) and Well-Bird Exam / Avian Vets Locator ... Why Quarantine your New Bird? ... Pet Identification

Bird Rescue as a Business - Before re-homing your birds or donating money - you may want to read this.

The Three Elements Needed for a Happy & Healthy Pet Bird

Housing Birds

Creating a Fun and Safe Environment / Keeping your Pet Safe at Home / Stopping Destructive Behaviorg Your Home and Bird Safety and Welfare:

Redirecting Negative Behaviors in your Petbird for some excellent tips and tricks ... Bird Proof Your Home to Protect Your Furniture and Keep your Bird Safe ... Foraging: The Way To Keep Your Parrot Mentally Stimulated and Happy ... Top Bird Killers ... Toxicities ... Toy Safety

Bird Nutrition

Bird Behavior and Training:

Pet parrots generally present challenges, such as excessive chewing - especially at certain stages in their life. They do discover their beaks as method of "disciplining us" once they are out of the "baby stage" and they can generally be somewhat naughty, and it really is important to learn to understand them and to guide their behavior before an undesirable behavior has been established. Undisciplined parrots will chew on electric wiring potentially causing house fires. They regard anything in your home as a "toy" that can be explored and chewed on; destroying items that you may hold dear or are simply valuable. Even a young bird that has not been neglected and abused requires proper guidance; this becomes even more challenging when it involves a rescued bird that may require rehabilitation.

Special-abled (Handicapped Birds)

Bird Grooming and Feather Clipping


Avian Emergency Care

Emergency Preparations (from the Green and Healthy Website)

How to Prepare for and Survive a Flood ... Water Emergency Treatment ... Emergency Preparations: It's COLD Outside! Tips to help you through power outages and during severe weather conditions

Toxicities - Toxins in Food and Environment:

First Aid Instructions

Traveling with Your Pet/ Shipping your Pets / Advertising Sources

Tips for a stress-free travel experience for your pet bird ... Pet-friendly Accommodations ... Useful Travel Information (Vet Finders, Boarding Kennels, Pet Sitters, Import/Export Regulations, Airline Polices and Regulations) ... Transportation / Pet-Shipping Services

Lost and Found / Pet Grievance


I live in Massachusetts and I'm not having much luck finding a parrot to rescue. I know there are a lot of birds out there that need re-homing, but I'm not having any luck. :( I took my family and drove down to Lazecki's Bird Rescue in Rhode Island and they wouldn't let me have one because of the "ride" to do a home visit. Imagine?? I have owned birds for 20 years. I love them all! I lost my Hahns Macaw suddenly two years ago at only age 18 and I was devistated. I am now looking to give another baby a chance. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?