Common Ground Doves

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Common Ground Dove

The Common Ground Dove (Columbina passerina) is resident throughout its range, which is the southmost USA, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean, to South America, as far south as northern Brazil. They inhabit scrub and other open country.


This is a small short-tailed pigeons averaging 17cm in length and weighing around 32g (1oz).

The plumage is grey-brown on the back and upperwing plumage, with black spotting on their wing coverts (feathers). In flight, the underwing feathers show extensive chestnut coloration. They have a scaly appearance to the breast and head. The tail is brown centrally, with black edges and white corners. The beak is orange, tipped black.

The adult male has a pink head, neck and breast, and a pink unscaled belly. The nape (back of the neck) is blue.

The female and immature birds are light grey where the male is pink, and have grey napes.

Nesting / Breeding

Their flimsy stick nest is usually located in a tree. The average clutch consists of two white eggs.

Diet / Feeding

They feed mainly on seeds, but may take some insects.


Their call is a soft cooing wha-up.

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