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Miranda Stovall (not verified)

We got a boy that was extremely abused and neglected by an older woman who killed his mate, he has bonded with my daughter and doesn't like anyone else or bird's we have rescued over the year's here.
He is a wonderful boy but I'm trying to find out how I can get him to trust or even like me, whenever my daughter is around me he will flip out trying hard to actually attack me while he is in the cage. The other day when we were done with his bath he got a hold of my hand and almost took off my finger. He was so happy that he finally got me and was so proud of himself. :-)
I can't get mad at him for providing protection to my daughter or for himself at that and all I could do was pull my finger up and say *ya got me* lol
I was rushed to the ER where he took a lot of the bone out but I still got the finger.
I deal with a lot of birds that sadly were abused by scumbags and I won't ever give up on caring for them but I would like to know if there is anything I can do to make life a little more easy on me around him and him also as I believe a lot of this anger he has also is because of the abuse he had in his pass and my hair looks just like her's so I know that can't help. I sing to him and give him lots of treats... He is really a favorite of mine because he is such a wonderful boy who truly just needs his space and understanding of what he has been through.
I don't believe in a bad bird as many veterinary care providers here may say but I do believe in a bad owner and bad vet's, I also know for a fact that anyone who has a bird should understand that sooner or later you may lose a finger or two but that doesn't mean that you stop doing what you do for them.
Our bird's are for life and I would die for them all, I just need additional information about how to be a better idea of what I need to do for him so my body can have a wonderful time enjoy being around him also without losing to many fingers in the process.
We have had him now for one year as the first five were all about getting his health up and him knowing how to eat and play, he was put in a box most of his life and abused so we are the only human faces he has ever seen other then his abusers.
Anyways thanks for your time and attention and sorry about this being so long winded.

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