Common Cockatoo Diseases

Common Cockatoo Diseases
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Respiratory Signs, Chronic Depression, Weightloss:

Aspergillosis (fungal disease), bacterial infections / pneumonia, nutritional deficiencies (Hypovitaminosis A), inhaled toxins. ... Sarcocystosis

Behavioral Problems due to their dependent nature.

Feather picking and screaming are common characteristics.

Behavior problems: Self-mutilating cockatoos chew their bodies open, especially the chest and legs. This is extremely difficult to cure.

Localized Herpes Infections:  Wart-like growths or areas of white discoloration on feet.

Blood Parasites: Microscopic and tape worms. These parasites may be associated with kidney disease, and most of these birds are immunosuppressed.

Bad Feather / Beak Condition; Missing and Misshapen Feathers:  Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD). A deadly, highly contagious (air-borne disease). Only supportive treatment available. No cure.

Cloacal Prolapse: Normally resolved through surgery. Affected birds should not be used for breeding.

Cockatoos are Susceptible to the Following Diseases:

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