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Is It a "Cinnamon" or a “Pineapple”?

Is It a "Cinnamon" or a “Pineapple”?

Pineapple Conure

Article by By Marcy Covaul, President, Pyrrhura Breeders Association


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Mutations of the Green-cheek Conure

A cinnamon-yellow-sided, or “pineapple,” is a visual color manifestation resulting from a combination of color genes which then exhibits characteristic colors of both cinnamon and yellowsided. 

When compared to a cinnamon, a pineapple should have extra red and yellow (particularly notable under the wings), and sometimes there will be shoulder patches (epaulets) of red and yellow on the upper bend of the wing. In a cinnamon, the yellow will have a lime green cast to it (check under full spectrum light), whereas the pineapple’s yellow will be bright with no lime green cast.

The cinnamon will not have reddish orange around the lower beak feathers, but the pineapple usually will, and in addition, will have some red above the cere.

The pineapple’s tail will also be telltale of the yellow-sided influence, so that if you look at the tail feathers from above, you will see a slight“halo” of lighter color around the tips of the feathers (particularly noticeable in young birds). This also gives the tail an almost translucent red tinge. The cinnamon color will be more muted and will not have that “halo.”

Pineapple vs. Cinnamon



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