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Canary Breeds / Species

Parisian Frill Canary

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Canary Varieties

Song Canaries

Canary Species / Breeds:

American Singer Canaries aka Yellow Variegated Canary

Black-headed Canaries

Belgium Canaries

Border Canaries aka Border Fancy Canary

Cinnamon Canaries

Crested Canaries

Fife Fancy Canary aka Fife Canary

Frilled Canaries

German Roller

Gloster Canaries aka Gloster Fancy Canary

Lancashire Canaries

Lizard Canaries

Norwich Canaries

Parisian Frill Canaries

Red Canary aka Red Factor Canary, Red Factor Crested Canary, Red Lipochrome color Canary, Clear Red Canary, color-bred Canary, Colorbred Canary

Roller Canaries aka German Roller Canary, Hartz Mountain Roller Canary

Scottish Canaries

Spanish Timbrado

Stafford Canaries

Waterslager Canaries aka Water Singer, Belgian Waterslager Song Canary, Malinois Canary, Waterslager Song Canary

Yellow-fronted Canaries

Yorkshire Canaries


Species Research by Sibylle Johnson

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