Canada Warblers, Wilsonia canadensis



Canada WarblerCanada Warblers (Wilsonia canadensis) are song birds that can be found in Canada, east of the Rockies, and in the eastern United States. For the winter, they migrate to northern South America. They mostly inhabit forests.

They are very rare vagrants to Western Europe with the first recorded sighting in Iceland and the second one in Kilbaha, County Clare, Ireland in October 2006.



The Canada Warbler measures about 13 cm in length.

They have yellow underparts, blue-grey upperparts and pink legs; they also have yellow eye-rings and thin, pointed bills.

Adult males have black forehead and black necklaces.

Females and immatures have faint grey bands around their necks.


Breeding / Nesting

They usually breed in e mature hardwood forests, typically near water. The nests are shaped like open cups and are placed on the ground in damp, wooded locations.

Canada Warbler


Diet / Feeding

They mostly feed on insects, foraging in vegetation or on the ground, or catching insects in flight.


Calls / Vocalization

The song has been described as a chip chewy sweet dichetty and their calls as low chup's.

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