Birds of Prey ... The Sport of Falconry

Black-chested Buzzard-eagle (Geranoaetus melanoleucus)


Crowned Eagle Buteoninae are medium to large broad-winged bird of prey with an extremely keen eyesight that allows them to spot prey from a distance. They have large strong hooked beaks, strong legs and powerful talons to catch and hold their prey down with.


Its members are ...

  • Genus Buteo - buteonine hawks (North America) or buzzards (Europe): nearly 30 species
  • Genus Harpia - American Harpy Eagle
  • Genus Spizaetus - Crested hawk-eagles: c.10 species
  • Lizard Buzzard Genus "Hieraaetus" - Hawk-eagles: 3 species; Genus name unavailable or belongs in Aquila
  • Genus Aquila - true eagles: c.12 species; paraphyletic
  • Genus Haliaeetus - Sea-eagles and brown fish-eagles: 8 species
  • Genus Harpagornis - might belong into Aquila
    • Haast's Eagle, Harpagornis moorei (extinct)


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