Burrowing Owl - Tsawwassen, BC, Canada

One of my best finds and couldn't tell anyone at the time. This fantastic little owl was along the Tswwassen Ferry Jetty a couple weeks back. I have traveled back several times and could not relocate him. I have also sent along the band numbers to the correct authorities and it turns out this male was born in the wild and has had numerous chicks since, in the interior of British Columbia. I would recommend looking into the Burrowing Owl Society of BC and maybe putting a donation towards keeping these fantastic owls from disappearing for good......... again. My apologies to the rest of the birders that would have like to have seen this guy. He was just too close to traffic and I didn't want to be the reason he didn't make it back next spring. Michael Klotz - www.TheBirdBlogger.com
Burrowing Owl - Tsawwassen, BC, Canada

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