Bullock's Orioles


Male Bullock’s Oriole

FemaleThe Bullock's Oriole, Icterus bullockii, is a small blackbird.

Distribution / Habitat:

Bullock's Orioles breed along the edges of deciduous and mixed woods across western North America. They migrate south to winter in Mexico and Central America.


The Bullock's Oriole has a pointed bill.

The adult male is orange on the under plumage, face and rump with black everywhere else; they have a white wing patch.

The adult female is grey-brown on the upper parts, dull yellow on the chest and belly and has wing bars.

Nesting / Breeding

The nest is a tightly woven pouch typically situated on the end of a branch.

Bullock's OrioleDiet / Feeding

Bullock's Orioles mostly feed on insects, berries and nectar.

They forage in trees and shrubs, also making short flights to catch insects.

Calls / Vocalizations

Its call is said to be similar to that of the Baltimore Oriole, but faster and somewhat more harsh. Males have a different song from the females. The female sings more than the male and her song is described to sound harsher than the male's.

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