Brown or Rusty Pitohui


Photo Wanted The Brown or Rusty Pitohui (Pitohui ferrugineus) is distributed and endemic to lowland and hill forests of New Guinea, Aru Islands in the province of Maluku in eastern Indonesia and West Papuan islands.

This songbird is medium-sized, measuring up to 28cm long, with a rusty brown upper plumage and yellowish buff under plumage. It has a strong black bill, pale eyes. Males and females look alike.

The subspecies P. f. leucorhynchus and P. f. fuscus of Waigeo and Batanta islands off Western New Guinea have whitish bills.

The Rusty Pitohuis are usually seen in small groups, mixed with other species.

It builds a deep, cup-shaped nest of sticks, leaves and stems in a fork of a tree.


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