Brown-capped Vireos


Brown-capped Viireo

Brown-capped Vireo, Vireo leucophrys, can be found in the highlands from southern Mexico south to northwestern Bolivia. It is sometimes considered to be conspecific (of, or belonging to, the same species) with the similar Warbling Vireo.

It's part of the vireo family and can be found in the canopy and middle levels of light woodland, the edges of forest, and other semi-open habitats at altitudes from 700 to 2500 m.


Length: 12-12.7 cm in length; weighs about 12 g. Plumage: olive-green upperparts and a brown crown. There is a brown line from the bill through the eyes, and a white supercilium (line above eye). The face and throat are off-white, and the underparts are otherwise yellow with some olive on the flanks.

Immature birds are buff-brown above with a weaker supercilium (line above eye).


They eat insects, caterpillars and small fruits.

Call / Song

The Brown-capped Vireo has a sharp twiist call; its song is similar to that of the Warbling Vireo.

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