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Are you a breeder and would like to be listed?

BeautyOfBirds is one of the most popular, highest ranking bird websites providing you access to a global audience and achieving maximum exposure, name recognition and increased sales.


FREE Breeders' Listing for:

  • Contributors : If you submit an article or images to the BeautyOfBirds that is accepted for publishing (i.e., about breeding, species information, etc) - you will be eligible to be listed free of charge as a breeder for up to 5 species without time limitation.
  • Critically Endangered Species: The focus of the BeautyOfBirds is the conservation of nature in general, and preservation of its beautiful species of birds and other precious creatures in particular. Breeding coops of critically endangered species are welcome to list their organization on the BeautyOfBirds free of charge (subject to review and acceptance). If this applies to your group, please feel free to contact us.


For Profit Breeders:

It makes sense for people who are researching a particular species to be good prospects for breeders.  There are two options for advertising - either a yearly subscription or lifetime listings.

  • Yearly subscriptions:
    • one species for $5 a year
    • up to 10 species pages for $10 a year
  • Lifetime Listing:
    • one species for $25
    • up to 20 species for $50​


Breeder's Listing Options


The listing(s) appear(s) on the following webpages

Bird Breeders By Species;
Bird Breeders by State / Location;


Getting listed:

If you are interested to be listed, please make payment to the right and send the below information to the webmaster ...

  • Your name / aviary's name;
  • State, city, other contact information, including website address
  • The species (including sub-species and mutations) that you are breeding.
  • It is also recommended to mention if you ship or not.

Note: This low offer is subject to an increase in the near future. Current advertisers will not be affected.


If you are interested in being listed, please send relevant information to the webmaster


I appreciate your interest in the AvianWeb.

Sibylle Faye