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Bird Breeders' Listings

Are you a breeder and would like to be listed?

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Breeder's Listings:

It makes sense for people who are researching a particular species to be good prospects for breeders. There are two options for advertising - either a yearly subscription or lifetime listings.

  • Yearly subscriptions:
    • one species for $5 a year
    • up to 10 species pages for $15a year

Getting listed:

If you are interested to be listed, please make payment to the right and send the below information to the webmaster ...

  • Your name / aviary's name;
  • State, city, other contact information, including website address
  • The species (including sub-species and mutations) that you are breeding.
  • It is also recommended to mention if you ship or not.

If you are interested in being listed, please send relevant information to the webmaster