Bourbon Turkeys


Bourbon Red Turkey tom (Male)

Bourbon Red TurkeysThe Bourbon Red Turkey is a domestic turkey named for its unique reddish plumage and for Bourbon County, Kentucky. Formerly, it has been referred to as Kentucky Reds and Bourbon Butternuts.

This turkey originated in Kentucky and Pennsylvania in the late 1800s, and was created by crossing Buff, Standard Bronze, and White Holland turkeys.

It was first recognized as turkey variety by the American Poultry Association in 1909.


Mature Bourbon Red toms weigh 33 pounds (15 kilos), and mature hens weigh 18 pounds (8.2 kilos).

Its feathers are a dark chestnut base color, with white tails and flight feathers.

Photo Credit (photo to the right):

Mike Walters, Red Rose Hatchery, Rt. 3 Box 1409, Stilwell, OK. 74960 [email protected]

Species Research by Sibylle Johnson

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