Black-throated Green Warblers



Black-throated Green Warbler


The Black-throated Green Warbler, Dendroica virens, is a small songbird of the New World warbler family.



The Black-throated Green Warbler measures 12 cm in length and weigh about 9 g.

It has an olive-green crown, a yellow face with olive markings, a thin pointed bill, white wing bars, an olive-green back and pale underparts with black streaks on the flanks.

Adult males have a black throat and upper chest.

Females have a pale throat and black markings on their breast.


Range / Distribution

The Black-throated Green Warbler breeds in coniferous and mixed forests in eastern North America and western Canada and cypress swamps on the southern Atlantic coast.

TThey migrate south to winter in Mexico, Central America, the West Indies and southern Florida.


Breeding / Nesting

They nest in open cups, often situated close to the trunk of a tree. The Brown-headed Cowbird occasionally places its eggs in its nest (nest parasitism).

Black-throated Green Warbler

Black-throated Green Warbler


Black-throated Green WarblerDiet / Feeding

Black-throated Green Warblers mostly eat insects and sometimes berries.

They forage in vegetation or hover or catch insects in flight.


Song / Vocalization

Its song has bee described as a buzzed zee-zee-zee-zooo-zeet or zoo-zee-zoo-zoo-zeet. Its call as a sharp tsip.


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