Black Rosy Finches

Black Rosy Finches

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The Black Rosy Finches (or Black Rosy-finches), Leucosticte atrata, are medium-sized finch that occurs naturally in the mountain areas above the tree-line in the western United States.

Most birds migrate short distances to lower elevations and further south.

At one time, the three North American Rosy finches were considered to be one species.

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Adults are black on the head, back and breast. They have pink colorations on the abdomen, rump (lower back) and wings.

There is a grey patch at the back of the head.

They have short black legs and a long-forked tail.


Breeding / Nesting:

They typically build a cup nest in a cavity on a cliff.


Diet / Feeding

The Black Rosy Finches mainly eat various seeds from weeds and grasses, as well as insects.

They are usually seen feeding on the ground, but may fly to catch insects in flight.

They often feed in small flocks, sometimes together with Grey-crowned Rosy Finches.


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