Black-lored Tits


Photo Wanted The Black-lored Tit, Parus xanthogenys, is a resident breeder in the Himalayas and peninsular India, where they inhabit open tropical forests. They are not found in Sri Lanka.


It is an easy tit to recognise in most of India, large in size at 13cm, with a broad black line (broader in the male) down its otherwise yellow front. The large crest, neck, throat and head are black with yellow cheeks and supercilia. Upperparts are olive-green. It has two white or yellowish wingbars and white outer tail feathers.

Females and young birds are duller than males. The underpart colour becomes increasingly dull from north to south through this tit's range.


Nesting / Breeding

They nest in Woodpecker or barbet holes, but may also excavate its own hole or use man-made sites. The average clutch consists of 3 - 5 white eggs, spotted red. Nesting birds will hiss when disturbed.


Diet / Feeding

They feed on insects and spiders from the canopy, and sometimes fruit.


Calls / Vocalizations

Black-lored Tits have a large variety of calls, of which the most common is a "si-si". Its call is described as a "chi-chi-chi".


Species Research by Sibylle Johnson


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