Black-crowned Palm Tanagers

Black-crowned Palm-Tanager, Phaenicophilus palmarum
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The Black-crowned Palm Tanager (Phaenicophilus palmarum) is a medium-sized tanager.


Distribution / Habitat:

This tanager is generally common in lowlands and occasionally in highlands across the Dominican Republic and Haiti.



The Black-crowned Palm-Tanager has an entirely black crown and washed-out gray underparts that blend into an entirely white throat area but do not contrast sharply with it (Latta et al. 2006, Raffaele et al. 1998).

Immature birds have a mottled grey crown.


Nesting / Breeding:

The bulky cup nest is built in a tree and the normal clutch consists of two brown-blotched creamy eggs. The female incubates the eggs for 13–14 days to hatching, with another 14–18 days before the chicks fledge.



Their primary diet consists of fruit. But they also eat nectar, seeds and insects, usually taken from the underside of branches.


Calls / Vocalizations:

Its song sounds like peee-u.

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