Bird of Paradise Photo Gallery / Images of Species of Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

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Lesser Bird of Paradise Greater Bird of Paradise
Red Bird of ParadiseRaggiana Bird of Paradise
King of Saxony Bird of Paradise MaleKing Bird of ParadiseWilson's Bird of Paradise
Paradise CrowBlack SicklebillArfak Astrapia
Trumpet ManucodeCurl-crested Manucode, Manucodia comriiCrinkle-collared Manucodia
Brown SicklebillVictoria's Riflebirds
Paradise RiflebirdShort-tailed Paradigalla, Paradigalla brevicauda
Huon Astrapia or Rothschild’s Bird of Paradise Barnes’ Long-tailed Bird of Paradise Ribbon-tailed Astrapia
Stephanie's AstrapiaMagnificent Bird of ParadiseWallace's Standardwing
Lawes's ParotiasCarola's ParotiaWestern Parotia
Superb Bird of ParadiseTwelve-wired Bird of ParadiseEmperor Bird of Paradise
Goldie's Bird of Paradise


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