Bird Healthcare: Bird Diseases / Common Health Problems: A - C

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Bird Health / Bird Welfare Articles by Jeannine Miesle, M.A., M.Ed   

Bird Healthcare / Diseases

Index of Bird Diseases / Health Problems and Research

Avian Pain Assessment & Management

The Different Bird Species and Their Respective Syndromes

Symptoms and Possible Diseases

Bird Nutrition - the Key To Avian Health

Glossary of Avian Medical Terms

Identifying a Potentially Sick Bird / Testing for Diseases and Infections:

First Signs / Symptoms of a Sick Bird Weight Gain or Weight Loss - Primary Indicators of Health or Disease ... Do-It-Yourself Disease / Sex Testing, Do-It-Yourself Bacterial Testing/ Microbiology, Lab and Veterinary Resources ... New Bird and Well Bird Exams

Caring for a Sick Bird

Bird Emergency Care

Probiotics: Very important for molting, stressed or sickly birds, chicks or elderly pets, as well as those who have undergone antibiotic treatments. Antibiotics destroy "friendly" bacteria in the gut, allowing harmful pathogens to grow unchecked. Probiotics suppress the growth of potentially harmful organisms and boost the immune system. Acidophillus also helps to restore the microbial balance within the digestive tract. The probiotic strains acidophilus and bifidum release anti-fungal enzymes and alkalinize the body, so pathogens, such as candida (a big problem with chicks and stressed birds), can't flourish.

Pros and Cons of Pet Insurance

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Bird Diseases / Alphabetic Listing:

Bird Diseases: A - C Below

Air Sack Mites ... Air Sack Rupture .... Anatomy (Avian) ... Angel Wing ... Arthritis ... Aspergillosis

Avian Flu (Green and Healthy Website)

Avian Goiter (Thyroid Hyperplasia or Dysplasia) ... Avian Encephalomyelitis (AE) ... Avian Gout

Avian influenza: Eradication from commercial poultry ... Avian Influenza (Green and Healthy Website)

Avian Pox ... Avian Tuberculosis (Mycobacterium avium)

Bacterial Infections ... Baldness ... Beak and Feather Disease ... Beak Problems / Deformities

Bird Fancier's / Breeders Lungs (Allergic Alvolitis) (Green and Healthy Website)

Bird Flu (Green and Healthy Website)

Bird Mites ... Biting Bugs / Mites ... Bleeding

Blepharitis (Green and Healthy Website)

Blindness ... Blocked Gizzard ... ... Borrowing Mites ...

Metabolic Bone Disease:

Occurs as two forms:

rickets which is found in growing birds - caused by an inadequate dietary intake of calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D3 or improper calcium to phosphorous ratio.

osteomalacia (osteodystrophy) occurs in mature birds.

Botulism ... Breeding-related Problems ... Broken Beaks ... Broken Blood Feathers / Bleeding from Feathers ... Broken Legs / Toes ... Bronchitis ... Bumble Foot ... Burns (Green & Healthy Website)

Canary Pox Virus ... Candida / Candidiasis ... Cancer ... Canker (Trichomoniasis, more commonly known as “pigeon canker) ... Cataracts ... Changes in Voice

Chick Deformities ... Chlamydia / Chlamydiosis ... Chronic Egg Laying ... Crooked Beaks ... Cryptosporidium / Coccidia ... Coccidiosis ... Conjunctivitis ... Constricted Toe Syndrome ... Conure Bleeding Syndrome (CBS) ... Crooked Toes ... Crop Mycosis, Thrush

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