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Orlando, Fl, 32828 - Tel. 407-381-3520

Birds bred: 
•    Pacific Parrotlets (all colors: blues, greens, dilutes,turquoises, pieds, pastels, pastel pieds, pastel turquoises, pastel turquoises pied).  Does not breed parrotlets with red eyes, neither Lutinos or Fallows!
•    Quakers (only Pallid Greens, Pallid Blues, Ice Blue Pallids,Turquoises and Dark Eye Yellows)
•    Bourke Parakeets (Normals, Rosies, Pinks, Lutinos and Rubinos)

Ziggy's Avian Ranch - Hudson, FL.- Tel. 727-819-9839 - email: [email protected]

Specializing in hand-fed domestic babies: Greys, cockatoos (umbrellas, goffins, galahs, tritons, mollucans, palms) eclectus, sun conures, golden (queens) conures (Fla.Only), vasas, caiques, Macaws (hyacinths, blue and golds), ringnecks. Will ship or drive 1/2 way in Florida.

Lories Limited - url: - [email protected] (Contact: Chris)

Breeds: Various Lory Species, including: Blue Mountains (Swainson's), Edward's Lorikeets, Forsten's Lorikeets, Red Collared Lorikeets, Red Lories, Scaly-Breasted Lorikeets, Blue Streaked Lories, Musk Lorikeets, Chattering Lories, Yellow-Bibbed Lories, Green Naped Lorikeets, Green-naped Lories, Ornate Lories, Black Lories, Iris Lorikeets - Will ship

Joe Cravo
Ocala, Florida 34476 - e-mail: [email protected] - (352)484-7832 (cell)

Breeds: Canaries: color bred (red, white, yellow, green); American Singer canaries; and Lady Gouldian finches

Jean (The African Queen) Pattison
New Tampa Highway, Lakeland, Florida 33815 U.S.A. Phone: 863-686-4532 e-mail: [email protected]

Breeds: African Grey (Congos and Timnehs), Brown-Necked or Grey- Headed Parrots, Jardine’s Parrots, Poicephalus, Senegals, Meyers, Red-bellied and Brown-headed Parrots

Julio and Dayline Masferrer
Coral Springs, FL 33065 - e-mail: [email protected]; url:

Breeds: Gloster Canaries

Luanne Porter
LaBelle, Florida ... Tel. (941) 674-0321 - e-mail: lbp[email protected] - Note: Former president of IAS. Hosted recent convention in Orlando.

Shady Pines Aviary
Gloria Balaban - e-mail: [email protected], Tel. (561)753-8018

Breeds: Caiques and several species of Brotogeris parakeets.

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