Yellow-faced Grassquit


Central Mexico to Colombia and northwestern Venezuela. Also Greater Antilles and nearby islands, such as Cayman Islands and Jamaica.  Vagrants reported in the US.  Introduced into Hawai'i.


Small bird measures about 3.9-4.2 in (10-10.7 cm) in length.  Weighs about 0.28-0.35 oz (8-10 g). Dark, cone-shaped bill.  Grey legs.

Adult Male: olive-green back, black face and chest, except for yellow t hroatand its face and breast are black apart from a bright yellow throat, "eyebrows" and lower eye spot.  The plumage below otherwise greyish yellow.

Adult Female: Smaller in size.  Dull olive-green above and paler grey below. Weaker / duller yellow face patterns.  Lower part of the bill is horn-colored.

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Yellow-faced Grassquit