Short-tailed Albatross

Other Names: Steller's Albatross

Distribution: Northern Pacific waters.

Short-tailed Albatross distribution range map


Size: 89-91 cm in length with a 190-210 cm wingspan. Adults weigh 4.5-8.3 kg.

Plumage:  Adults of both sexes have a white head and body and golden cast to crown and neck. Their tail is white with a black bar on the end, and the wing mantle is white with flight feathers fading into black at the tip. The underside of the wing is white with black margins.  Immature birds are solid blackish-brown with off-white to pink legs. Young birds progressively whiten with age. All ageshave a large pink bill that can become blue at the tip with age.

Species image
Short-tailed Albatross