Rock (Feral) Pigeon

Other Names:   city dove, city pigeon, street pigeon

DistributionWestern and southern Europe, North Africa and southwest Asia.  Introduced to North America.

Rock Pigeon Range Map


Size: average 30–35 cm in length and have a wingspan of 62–68 cm.

Plumage: variable.  Most are bluish grey with white lower back, two black bars and two black bands on the pale grey wings.  Tip is dark tipped with white margin. Most have glossy / iridescent throat feathers. A reddish variety also exists. The immature plumage is overall duller.

Eyes mostly orange, but some have white-grey irises. The eyelids are orange and the eyes are encircled with grey-white eye ring.

Species image
Rock (Feral) Pigeon