Andean Flicker

Distribution / Habitat

The Andean Flicker is a South American species of woodpecker. It is found in Polylepis grasslands, shrublands, and woodlands at altitudes of 2,000–5,000 meters (6,600–16,000 ft) in the Andes. (Polylepis is a genus of tree species found in mid-to high elevations in the tropical Andes.)

It can be found from southern Ecuador, through Peru, and into northern Chile and northwestern Argentina. It has also been observed in adjacent areas of Bolivia.

The Campo Flicker, Ground Woodpecker, and Andean Flicker are the only largely terrestrial woodpeckers. Colonies are also extant in the Lauca National Park in Chile.

Its territory falls mainly on puna grasslands of the high Andes.


This is a large species, although the female is smaller than the male. Although both have long bills, the male’s is longer.

The male has a red malar stripe and a small patch of red on the nape.

The female lacks both the red patch and the malar stripe. While the upperparts are dark brown with white bars, the underparts are a light grey and the breast is speckled. The crown is dark grey,

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