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Woodpeckers and allies picidae

TFernandinas Flickerhe Picidae family includes the impressive Woodpeckers as well as Piculets, Wrynecks and Sapsuckers. They are best known for climbing, tapping, hammering, drumming and drilling on trees.


These birds reside all over the world, except for Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, the oceanic islands, and the extreme Polar Regions; however, they have been spotted on some of the continental islands.


The bright plumage of most species includes the colors white, black, grey, brown, green and red. Many of them also sport patches of red and yellow on their heads, rumps or upper tail coverts which aid in their identification. In addition, some will exhibit spots or bars on their wings, and a few species will display yellow on the wings. Some species even possess diminutive crests. These varying patches play a significant role in the signaling among birds. The dark feathers are often iridescent. Although the sexes of Picidae species tend to look alike, the males of many species are known to have brighter red and yellow markings than the females.

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