Starlings, mynahs and oxpeckers sturnidae

Glossy StarlingThe songbird family Sturnidae consist of the Starlings, Mynas and Oxpeckers, of which it  includes 112 species in 31 genera.



Starlings occur naturally in Africa, Eurasia, Pacific islands and north-east Australia.  They have also been introduced in many parts of world.

They are found in forest and grassland areas, on scrubland, in orchards and plantations, as well as in gardens, villages and urban areas.



They range in size from 6.5 - 16.5 inches (16.5 - 42 cm).

The plumages are generally dark, often with a glossy sheen. Some have crests, wattles or have bare patches of skin (usually around the eyes / beak).

The beaks are slightly  downcurved and the wings long and pointed.

Common Hill Myna

Bali Myna