Sparrows and allies (New World) emberizidae


Sparrows are small birds with short, thick, but pointed bills.

and gregarious seed-eaters

The different species tend to vary greatly in their plumage, and some are quite colorful. In general, they tend to have a mostly brownish or greyish plumage with short tails and stubby beaks.

Adult sparrows go through two molts a year - in late summer and late winter. Juveniles undergo three molts in their first year - referred to as first plumage-cycle.

Most Common Species in the United States and their Ranges

  • American Tree Sparrows - Found in Alaska and northern Canada.
  • Chipping Sparrows - Breed in eastern North America.  Migrate south to winter in southern United States and Mexico for the winter.
  • Fox Sparrows - Breed in  northern Canada and the west coast of North America from Alaska to California.  Migrate south on the west coast and to the eastern United States.
  • Song Sparrows - Found in Canada and the United States. Breed in the northern range and migrate south to southern United States or Mexico for the winter.
  • White-throated Sparrows - Breed in central Canada and New England.  Migrate to southern USA for the winter.
  • White-crowned Sparrows - Breed across northern Canada and the western United States.
  • Golden-crowned Sparrows - Breed across the north part of western Canada and Alaska. They migrate south to spend the winter in Vancouver Island in Canada and the West Coast of the United States.

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