Shearwaters and petrels procellariidae

TGiant Petrelhe true Petrels are tube-nosed seabirds in the bird order Procellariiformes. They are mostly found in the Southern Oceans, and to a lesser extent in to Northern Hemisphere.

Included in this group are ...

  • The Fulmarine Petrels (Fulmarus) essentially confined to the south. This group includes the Giant Petrels (genus Macronectes), the true Fulmars (genus Fulmarus), the Antarctic Petrels (Thalassoica antarctica) and the Cape Petrels (Daption capense) and the Snow Petrels (Pagodroma nivea).
  • The southern Prions (Pachyptila)
  • The procellariine Petrels
  • Shearwaters
  • Gadfly Petrels (genus Pterodroma)

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