Parakeets and parrots psittacidae

Rose-breasted Cockatoo

Parrots are generally grouped into two families found in tropical or subtropical regions .

These families are: 

  • the Cacatuidae (also called cockatoos), and
  • the Psittacidae (also called true parrots).


All members of this group have a characteristic curved beak shape with the upper beak and have four toes on each foot placed two at the front and two back. In length, parrots range from the buff-faced pygmy parrot of New Guinea at 8.4 cm (3.3 in) to the hyacinth macaw of South America at 100 cm (39.4 in).

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Tun Tun

Tun Tun

Tun Tun is our beautiful baby bird.
He is disabled, born with a curled in foot, and crossed wings.
Tun Tun can't fly. He usually limps around our carpet and sleeps in a corner.
I'm going to use this bed to upload pictures and videos of Tun Tun.

Love birds - what gender?

Love birds - what gender?
<> You can't really identify their genders visually. Males and females look identical. If it is a compatible pair, they will produce young. If you have 2 females, they will "play house" and both of them will lay eggs (in which case you will find about 8 or more INFERTILE eggs in the nest box. If they are both males, they will still "play house", but no eggs will be laid.