Ducks, geese and swans anatidae

Emperor GooseThe bird family Anatidae includes ducks, geese and swans.

Members of this large group occur on all the world's continents except Antarctica; as well as being found on most of the world's islands and island groups.  Some of them are migratory species.


These small- to large-sized wetland and water birds range in size from as little as 26.5 cm (10.5 inches) and 164 grams (5.8 oz),  up to as much as 183 cm (6 ft) and 17.2 kg (38 lb). Some have long necks.  The wings are short and pointed.  The legs are short.  The feet are webbed.

They mostly feed on water-plants, but may also take fish, molluscs or aquatic arthropods.

Female Mallard