Birds of prey, raptors falconiformes

Southern CaracaraThe bird order Falconiformes consists of about 311 bird species that are divided in four families:

  • Falconidae falcons, falconets, hobbies, kestrels
  • Cathartidae: New World vultures, condors
  • Pandionidae: Ospreys
  • Accipitridae: Buzzards, Eagles, Harriers, Hawks, Kites, Old World vultures
  • Sagittaridae: Secretary Birds

They all have in common that they are diurnal (active during the daytime). They are medium to large in size, have strong claws, excellent eyesight and strong, curved beaks. They are also excellent flyers.

They occur in all parts of the world except Antarctica.

Bald Eagle

Harpy Eagle