Barn owls tytonidae

Barn OwlThe Barn Owls or Common Barn Owls is the most widely distributed species of owl.

They are  found almost anywhere in the world outside polar and desert regions, as well as all of Asia north of the Alpide belt, most of Indonesia and the Pacific islands.

Barn Owl Distribution

They are known under myrad names, including  White Owl, Silver Owl, Demon Owl, Ghost Owl, Death Owl, Night Owl, Rat Owl, Church Owl, Cave Owl, Stone Owl, Monkey-faced Owl, Hissing Owl, Hobgoblin or Hobby Owl, Dobby Owl, Golden Owl, Scritch Owl, Screech Owl, Straw Owl, Barnyard Owl and Delicate Owl.   They were named for their appearance, calls, habitat or their silent flight.

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Barn owl chicks

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