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Beloved Leeann


Thanks to Connie's Cockatoo-L list, I learned about a lot of things that were potential dangers to my flock of 5 birds. Got rid of my non-stick pans, don't use the self-cleaning feature on my stove, stopped burning scented candles, stopped using Carpet Fresh, and threw out the Cotton Candy toys that all my fids loved. So now, I had done everything possible to keep my flock safe and sound, right? WRONG:(

On the afternoon of October 19th, I found Leeann, our 3-1/2 year old Jenday Conroe strangled to death--the black tab on top of her Happy Hut wrapped around her little neck. She had struggled fiercely, feathers all over the bottom of the cage. When I cut her down, her little body was still warm, her eyes almost closed. While giving her mouth-to-beak resuscitation, I called the vet and she told me to feel her chest and see if I felt a heartbeat; sadly, there was none.

I paged my husband who was at work 2 hours away and told him the bad news. Leeann was her Daddy's girl, he held the key to her heart. My Mother and I took turns holding her little body and breathing into her little break (even thought we knew it was hopeless) and we kepther body warm till her Daddy got home to say goodbye.

The only talking Leeann did was to say "Hi, PopPop" to my husband, Ron. When Ron came home he wanted to know exactly what time she died. I told him that I cut her down from the Happy Hut around 4:50 PM. Ron loves all our birds and tells the people he works with the funny antics and all the funny things they say. Ron wanted to know what time she died because at 4:40 PM as one of the men he works with was leaving, he said to Ron, "Goodbye, PopPop", and of course Ron thought of his little Leeann. So you see, Leeann did manage to say goodbye to her Daddy even though he was miles away.

Bette Betty

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