Bare-throated Whistlers



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The Bare-throated Whistlers (Pachycephala nudigula) - also known as Lesser Sunda Whistlers or Sunda Whistlers - are endemic to Indonesia, where they occur naturally in subtropical or tropical dry forests, lowland forests and montanes.


Subspecies and Distribution:

  • Pachycephala nudigula nudigula (E. J. O. Hartert, 1897) - Nominate Race
    • Range: Flores Island - in the western central Lesser Sundas

  • Pachycephala nudigula ilsa (Rensch, 1928)
    • Sumbawa island, located in the middle of the Lesser Sunda Islands chain

Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ???? ... Czech: Pištec holokrký ... Danish: Sundafløjter ... Dutch: Naaktkeelfluiter, Naaktkeel-fluiter ... German: Nacktkehl-Dickkopf ... Finnish: Floresinviheltäjä ... French: Pachycéphale à gorge nue, Siffleur à gorge nue ... Indonesian: Kancilan Flores ... Italian: Zufolatore golanuda ... Japanese: hagenodomozuhitaki ... Norwegian: Nakenstrupeplystrer ... Polish: fletówka gologardla, fletówka go?ogard?a ... Russian: ?????????? ??????? ... Slovak: hlavácik holohrdlý, hlavá?ik holohrdlý ... Spanish: Chiflador de Garganta Desnuda, Silbador de Flores ... Swedish: Sundavisslare


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