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The Band-rumped Swift, Chaetura spinicauda, is a small swift.


Distribution / Range

This species breeds in forested areas from Costa Rica south and east to Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, the Guianas, Trinidad and northeast Brazil.


Nesting / Breeding

The nest is a half saucer of twigs glued to the inside of a tree hole or similar shaded location with saliva.



Band-rumped Swift is a speedy slender bird, 11.5 cm long and weighing 15 g. The upperparts are blackish with a whitish band across the rump, and the underparts are dark brown with a paler throat. It has a short tail.

Band-rumped Swift feeds in flight on flying insects. It is often low over roads or clearings in the morning or evening, rising high above the forest, often with other swifts, in the middle of the day.

Band-rumped Swift has a chittering csinck call.



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