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Over the last decade, Avianweb has grown to be a Top Rated Seller - a reflection of its commitment to customer satisfaction and support.


Its extensive product inventory is available over Amazon, Ebay, Bonanza, and several other online stores.


In addition to bird and other pet products, a limited number of home and garden products have also been included in its product offering. In the last year, numerous prototypes have been produced, and Avianweb's product line continues to develop and expand.


BeautyOfBirds - the website itself - is one of the most extensive websites on birds globally, with well over 10,000 pages of relevant information and over 100,000 bird images.




BeautyOfBirds - formerly Avianweb - is devoted to all things "feathered" and the protection of nature and all its creatures.


How it all began ...


Avianweb started out as a website developed by Sibylle Johnson, an aviculturist of many years. Starting in 1997, she published research on bird diseases / bird health problems. At that time, this website was known as "Avian Health."


Later on, bird care guidance (as an extension of "bird health") and then bird species information was added over time. The website was then renamed "Avianweb" to incorporate the additional information that was made available about birds.


In 2014, the formerly "static" website "avianweb dot com" was upgraded to a sophisticated data-base driven Drupal platform, which facilitated social sharing and interactivity, and numerous other features which enhanced the usability and benefits of this website. At that time, the domain name changed to "BeautyOfBirds.com."


Since its inception, this website has grown to include thousands of articles on Bird Health, Husbandry, Breeding, Species and Conservation.



BeautyOfBirds Contributors:


Many articles have been contributed by professionals in the fields - ranging from veterinarians and other veterinary health professionals, photographers, conservationists and wildlife experts.  More Info


Technical Resource:


The technical "brain" behind BeautyOfBirds.com is Abhijeet Sandil - an expert in Drupal (a sophisticated web development platform for online content and user communities). Other than having distinguished himself on a technical level, his results-focused work ethics moved this highly complex project forward and he will continue to be the "brain" of the technical operations. You can find his resume here.



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