Glossary of Avian Medical Terms - Prefixes and Suffixes

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Prefixes and Suffixes:

Aer/Aero: oxygen/air

Arthro: joint

Aud/Aus: hearing, ear

Auto: self, within

Cardio: heart

Cyto or –cyte: cell

Ecto- Prefix meaning “outside”

-ectomy: surgical procedure in which an organ is removed; e.g., hysterectomy: removal of uterus

-emia: a condition of the blood

Endo- prefix meaning “inside”

Gastro: stomach, intestines

-graphy: written, studied  about

Hema: kidney

Hemo, hema, hemato: blood

Hepa: liver

-iasis: infestation by a parasite whose name precedes suffix: e.g., trichomoniasis: infestation with trichomonas; or the presence of it

-itis: inflammation

-lith: a body or mass

-lysis: used in combination form, meaning breaking down, loosening or decomposition

-megaly: enlargement

-mycin: substance derived from a bacteria

Myco- fungus

Myxo: mucous or slime

-oma: tumor or a specific tissue of the body which precedes suffix. e.g., lipoma: fatty tumor

Onco-: tumor or mass

Os: bone

-osis/otic, increased number; abnormal actions, conditions or states, disorders

-osis: disease caused by an organism whose name precedes suffix; e.g., salmonelosis: infection with salmonella

-pathy: disease or condition of

Poly: many

Proprio- prefix, one’s own

-uro,-uria: of the urinary tract, urine

Sub: beneath, below, nearly, almost

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