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Australian Ducks, Geese, Cranes, Swans, Shelducks, Shovelers, Grebes, Moorhens, Rails, Crakes, Cormorants and Darters

Australian Ducks, Geese, Cranes, Swans, Shelducks, Shovelers, Grebes, Moorhens, Rails, Crakes, Cormorants and Darters

Listing of Birds found in Australia ... Photos of Birds found in Australia

Parrots / Psittacines found in Australia


Ducks, geese, cranes, storks, moorhens, rails, cormorants and darters found in or near Australian water ...

Other Birds Found in or Near Water (Seabirds, Shorebirds, Waders, etc.)



Australian Spotted CrakeSpotless CrakeWhite-browed Crake


  • Brolga Crane (Grus rubicunda) aka Australian Crane - Range: Tropical and eastern Australia

  • Sarus Crane (Grus antigone) - Range: Queensland, Australia

Brolga CraneSarus Crane


Little Pied CormorantCormorants

  • Black-faced Cormorant (Phalacrocorax fuscescens), also known as the Black-faced Shag - Range: Southern coast of Australia from eastern Victoria to Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia, as well as around the coast of Tasmania and the islands of Bass Strait

  • Little Black CormorantsLittle Black Cormorant (Phalacrocorax sulcirostris)

  • Little Pied Cormorant, Little Shag or Kawaupaka (Phalacrocorax melanoleucos) - Range: Coasts, islands, estuaries, and inland waters of Australia

  • Pied Cormorant (Phalacrocorax varius) - Range: Coastal Australasia


  • Australian DarterAustralasian Darters or Australian Darters (Anhinga novaehollandiae)


  • Australian Wood Duck or Maned Duck (Chenonetta jubata)

  • Blue-billed Duck (Oxyura australis) - Endemic to Australia’s temperate regions. Its range extends from southern Queensland, through New South Wales and Victoria. Also widespread in the south west of Western Australia. O. australis rarely appears on the New South Wales coastline except during times of drought. It is in greatest abundance in the Murray-Darling basin.

  • Freckled Duck (Stictonetta naevosa) - Range: Southern Australia

  • Hardhead or White-eyed Ducks (Aythya australis) - Range: Common in the south-east of Australia, particularly in the Murray-Darling Basin, but also in the wetter country near the coasts.

  • Musk Duck (Biziura lobata): Range: Southern Australia. They are moderately common through the Murray-Darling and Cooper Creek basins, and in the wetter, fertile areas in the south of the continent: the south-west corner of Western Australia, Victoria

  • Pacific Black Duck aka Grey Duck or Parera (Anas superciliosa)

  • Pink-eared Duck (Malacorhynchus membranaceus)

  • Plumed Whistling Ducks (Dendrocygna eytoni) - Range: Eastern, northern and central Australia from the Kimberley across the Top End and Cape York, down to southern Queensland and northern New South Wales on the east coast, although may reach northwestern Victoria inland, in the vicinity of the Murray River.

  • Spotted Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna guttata) - Endemic

  • Wandering Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna arcuata) Wandering Whistling Ducks (Dendrocygna arcuata): Inhabit tropical and subtropical Australia

  • Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) - Introduced

  • Chestnut Teal (Anas castanea) - Range: Southern Australia

  • Grey Teal (Anas gracilis)

Blue-billed Duck (Oxyura australis) - MaleMusked DuckSpotted Whistling-DuckPlumed Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna eytoni)Freckled Duck (Stictonetta naevosa)Hardhead, Aythya australis


Cape Barren GooseGeese

Magpie GeeseGreen Pygmy Goose




Dusky Moorhen (Gallinula tenebrosa)Moorhens

Black-tailed Native-hen


Buff-banded RailRails



  • Australian Shelduck (Tadorna tadornoides) - Range: Southern Australia

  • Radjah Shelduck aka Burdekin Duck (Tadorna radjah) - Range: Coastal tropical northern Australia, from central Queensland through northern Northern Territory (including Kakadu National Park) to the Kimberley in Western Australia

Australasian Shoveler - Kuruwhengi - Anas rhynchotis (Anatidae) - Front: Male - Back: FemaleShovelers




Australia's Black SwanSwans


More Birds Found in Australia


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