Australian Birds of Prey: Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Goshawks, Owls, Nightjars and Frogmouths

Brahminy Kite, Haliastur indus

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Parrots / Psittacines found in Australia 

Birds of Prey found in Australia

Eagles / Hawks / Falcons / Goshawks

Australian Hobby / Falcon (Falco longipennis)

Black-breasted Buzzard or Black-breasted Kite (Hamirostra melanosternon) - Range: Australia - found mainly in the northern and central parts of the continent, living in the deserts, dry grasslands, shrublands, sparse tropical woodlands and tree-lined watercourses

Black Falcon (Falco subniger) - Range: North of Australia

Black-shouldered Kite (Elanus axillaris)

Brahminy Kite (Haliastur indus) - Range: India and southeast Asia and as far south as New South Wales, Australia

Brown Falcon (Falco berigora)

Brown Goshawk (Accipiter fasciatus)

Christmas Island Goshawk (Accipiter fasciatus natalis) - bird of prey - Range: Christmas Island, an Australian territory in the eastern Indian Ocean

Collared Sparrowhawk (Accipiter cirrocephalus) - Range: Widespread through Australia except for sandy deserts

Grey Falcon (Falco hypoleucos) - Bird of Prey - Range: Confined to the arid inland. Open country: Triodia grassland, Acacia shrubland, and lightly timbered arid woodland

Grey-headed Goshawk, Accipiter poliocephalus - Bird of Prey - Range: Queensland, Australian territory in north-western Torres Strait.

Gurney’s Eagle (Aquila gurneyi) - Range: Recorded from Saibai and Boigu islands in north-western Torres Strait (Australia)

Letter-winged Kite (Elanus scriptus) - Range: Central Australia

Rufous OwlNankeen or Australian Kestrels (Falco cenchroides) - A common bird of prey

Ospreys (P. h. cristatus) - Range: Along the coastline of, and along some large rivers within, Australia

Pacific Baza or Crested Hawk (Aviceda subcristata) - Range: Coastal and subcoastal areas of northern and eastern Australia

Red Goshawk (Erythrotriorchis radiatus) - Range: Rare Australian bird of prey. Found mainly in the savanna woodlands of northern Australia

Spotted Harrier (Circus assimilis)

Swamp Harrier (C. approximans) - Bird of Prey - Range: Australasia

Wedge-tailed Eagle or Eaglehawk (Aquila audax)

Whistling Kite (Haliastur sphenurus)

White-bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) - Resident on coasts and major waterways


Barn OwlOwls / Frogmouths / Nightjars

Australian Masked Owl (Tyto novaehollandiae) - Range: Southern New Guinea and the non-desert areas of Australia

Barking Owls or Winking Owls - Range: Mainland Australia off the Eastern and Northern coast of the continent including areas surrounding Perth (Western Australia)

Barn Owl (Tyto alba)

Greater Sooty Owl (Tyto tenebricosa) - Range: South-eastern Australia

Large-tailed Nightjar (Caprimulgus macrurus)

Marbled Frogmouth (Podargus ocellatus)

Papuan Frogmouth (Podargus papuensis)

Powerful Owl (Ninox strenua) - Range: South-eastern and eastern Australia

Tawny FrogmouthTawny Frogmouth (Podargus strigoides)

Rufous Owl (Ninox rufa)

Marbled Frogmouth (Podargus ocellatus)Papuan Frogmouth (Podargus papuensis)Australian HobbyBlack-breasted BuzzardBlack CurrawongBrown GoshawkChristmas Island GoshawkCollared SparrowhawkPacific Baza or Crested HawkAustralian Kestrel or Nankeen Kestrel (Falco cenchroides)Spotted HarrierWedge-tailed EagleWhistling KiteWhite-bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster)

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