Photos of Parrots Found in Australia

Below is a photo listing of PARROTS found in Australia. Please click on images to go to species information pages. Also refer to: Index of Parrots found in Australia. Other birds (not parrots)

Budgies, Cockatoos and Cockatiels are listed first. Further down are photos of lories, rosellas, grasskeets and other Australian Parrots.


Red-tailed CockatooPalm Cockatoo

MALE Yellow-tailed Black CockatooMale Baudin’s Black Cockatoo(Calyptorhynchus baudinii)Short-billed Black CockatooGang Gang Distribution Map Glossy-black CockatooLittle CorellaLeadbeater Map and Photo Long-billed CorellaSulphur-crested Cockatoos in flightSoupy

Musk Lorikeet Little LorikeetPurple-crowned LorikeetRainbow LorikeetsRed-collared LorikeetScaly-breasted Lorikeet

Crimson RosellaEastern RosellaPale-headed RosellasNorthern RosellaCrimson RosellaYellow Rosella

Scarlet-chested Parrots Golden-shouldered ParrotsYellow-vented Blue-bonnet Parrot Blue-winged Grasskeet GrasskeetsElegant Grass ParakeetsOrange-bellied ParakeetsRed-rumped Parakeets Regent ParrotRock Parrot Double-eyed Fig ParrotRed-capped ParrotRed-cheeked Parrots Australian Ringneck Cloncurry Parrot Eclectus PairGround Parrot Mallee RingnecksMulga Parrot Hooded Parrots Night Parrot Paradise Parrots Port Lincoln Parrot Princess Parrot at Oakland Zoo Eclectus ParrotsRed-winged ParrotAustralian King Parrot

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