Arrowhead Warblers (Dendroica pharetra)

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The Arrowhead Warblers (Dendroica pharetra) are only found on the island of Jamaica situated in the Caribbean Sea. They breed in humid montane forests, but may move down to lowland areas when not breeding. They are classified "uncommon" within their limited range.



The Arrowhead Warblers are small in size, in fact, at an average of only 0.4 oz (10.9 grams) they are similar sized to the Hummingbirds.

The plumage is mostly dark grey-brown above and white below, with two white wing bars. The head and the body are finely streaked with black.

Similar Species:

Superficially resemble the Black-and-white Warblers or Blackpoll Warblers.


Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ???? ... Czech: Lesnácek jamajský, les?á?ek jamajský ... Danish: Jamaicasanger ... Dutch: Jamaicazanger, Jamaica-zanger ... Estonian: jamaika säälik ... Finnish: Jamaikankerttuli ... French: Paruline de Jamaïque, Paruline de la Jamaïque, Paruline striée ... German: Strichelwaldsänger, Strichel-Waldsänger ... Italian: Dendroica faretra, Parula sagittata ... Japanese: yajiriamerikamushikui ... Norwegian: Pilparula ... Polish: lasówka jamajska ... Russian: ??????? ?????? ????? ... Slovak: horárik jamajský ... Spanish: Chipe Cabeza de Flecha, Reinita Jamaicana ... Swedish: Jamaikaskogssångare


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